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How Can I Earn Money With A Website



There are a number of things you can do to monetize your business website.


You can find a really good affiliate program to promote. Maybe one with a recurring monthly or yearly income. Join it and gather information about it that will help you promote it.  I use this website to promote authentic and helpful educational programs that will help you achieve your business website builder success.


 There are literally thousand’s of different affiliate programs you can join like:

  • Clickbank

  • Linkshare

  • Commission Junction

  • ShareaSale

  • BlueSnap

  • Market Health


A lot of these sites offer digital product downloads which usually mean higher commissions sometimes earning you as much as 75% of sales. Sign Up for the ones that will give you relevant products for your website to get your affiliate links.


Save your affiliate links you create to a notepad with product name and maybe a description to help you remember. You will refer back to this when creating your own links on your website.


If you are having difficulty finding products for your niche you can always do a Google search for affiliate programs. Simply type in the search bar like this ||keyword + affiliate programs||. Of course replace keyword with your relevant keyword.


Sometimes a website niche requires physical products…


 Use Amazon Products


This is definitely a site to join if it’s physical products you seek. It has tons of different options to choose the right products for your audience.


The commissions start out at 4%, which isn’t much for a $20 product = 80 cents! Maybe…if you sold a hundred of them. Seems like a lot of work for a few cents per sale. But what if you are in a niche like photography that sells cameras and camcorders and you sold one for $2000 = $80 commission.

Another cool thing about Amazon is once you make a sale with a buyer then you will also receive commissions on anything else they Check Out Now! with, even if it’s non-related to your product or website.


There are many other ways to monetize your business website like, creating your own product, building a list of subscribers from your website, Ad Sense ads and similar programs, or contacting relevant advertisers for your niche. I will be covering about 10-15 different methods in later posts.


I hope you found this information useful. If you have any questions or concerns then please feel free to leave a comment below.